2017 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

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Hindu calendar are used by the hinduism from a very long time  because India had the oldest civilization and hindu calendar is known for its origin in India only because India is the root for the Hindu culture. Most of the Hindu festivals are set on based on position of the Sun and the Moon which we can not find on the general english calendar. But do not need to worry guys, our site provide the best quality hindu calendar 2017 with tithi which you can get with following these steps, go to our website browse though the various templates download it and start using it. Its simple. right?

2017 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

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I know you all were thinking that some of the important festivals are always in any english calendar then what is the need of it? I also thought it so at first. Actually like we have days in every month of each year english, it is not same in the hindu calendar as hindu calendar has the ‘tithis’ in every month of year. To make it clear let me give you an example, if you want to fix a marriage on particular date and tithi or may be planing for some ‘pooja’ (worship), you don’t need to rush to anyone knowledgable person you can decide it on your own with  the help of hindu calendar 2017. 

Hindu calendar 2017 with hindu festivals

Hindu calendars are different from english calendar as hindu calendar’s month are named differently and one month has two parts commonly known as ‘shukla paksha’ and ‘krishna paksha’. Each ‘paksha’ generally consist of 15 days which are commonly known as ‘tithi’ so all the hindu festivals are determined by knowing the ‘tithi’, ‘paksha’, month name and in hindu culture they have atleast 2-3 festivals every month so it will be very tedious to provide both the calendar in one calendar thats why our site provide Hindu calendar 2017 with hindu festivals which has all the details of hindu festivals and related information.

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Also there are many ‘Vrat’s (fasting in english), regular as well as some special ones in the hindu culture which also are determined by the ‘tithi and ‘paksha’. Let me make you understand this with example, peoples are making fasting depend on the nakshatra’s or tithi’s, so it’s very beneficial for those peoples when they have their fasting because Hindu calendar will give you insight of all the Purnima’s, Amavasya, Grahana’s, Sankranti’s, etc as well as provide details with the main dates and time for grand celebrations like Janmashtami, Rama Navami, Rath Yatra, Ganesh Chaturthi, Maha Shivratri, etc. so guys what are you waiting for? go to website download it and start loving it.

Printable 2017 Hindu Calendar with tithi

Hindu culture spread across the world and most of the Hindu Festivals are celebrated in whole India but there are many festivals which celebrated in some particular regions and are missed by the most of  the calendar but do not worry about it,  your search ends here. I can assure you our Printable 2017 Hindu Calendar with tithi will give you precise and accurate data about the all kinds of festivals including significance about the particular festivals. You can download them print them and can start using it in your home and office.

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You can also send the, them to you family, friends and your dear ones who are living abroad or living very far from you so that they can also keep check on the hindu culture and festivals and can celebrate them to the fullest. This small act will touch them to their heart and also they will think that you actually caring person and care for them a lot. so guys are you still waiting? I bet you will never regret it. You will gain a different experience. So download them from our  site and give the feedback to us. If you liked this post please share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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